In Indonesia, the crocodile returned to the body of the murdered men them after a witch’s spell

In Indonesia, a crocodile attacked and killed a man, and the next day returned the dead body – after intervened by a witch.

About it reports The Daily Mail.

41-year-old Sharifuddin bathed in the river with friends when the beast pounced and dragged him under the water. Relatives in vain searched his body and then the villagers decided to go to the local sorceress, specializing in spells of crocodiles. The peasants asked her to the crocodile returned Sarifuddin alive.

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The next morning the body of a man appeared on the surface of the water. The crocodile swam, holding the naked body of Saifuddin in their jaws. Then he let him go.

A local resident by the name of the EET said that there is a local myth that anyone who bathes naked in the river will be eaten by the crocodiles. “If a man swims naked, then it will definitely eat crocodiles. If it gets in clothing, it won’t.”

Sarifuddin was found dead, he had broken ribs on the right side of the body.

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We will remind, the pastor of the Church “of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” Jonathan Mtetwa died trying to demonstrate biblical miracle on the river the Crocodile in Zimbabwe. Pastor Mtetwa moved away from shore for 30 metres to get up and walk on water, but out of nowhere appeared three crocodile and killed him.