Kiev ignore the danger on the beaches, because do not pay attention to red flags

In Kiev before the weekend banned swimming at all beaches. The water turns green because of algal blooms, and recreation areas raised red flags that signals danger, says the story TSN.19:30.

However, in 30-degree heat to inhabitants of Kiev not to flags – they are in a hurry to cool off in the water. The government expects that the inhibit signal is clear to all, but journalists have verified that it is perceived as anything but wrong. “Where is it written? Why did I not know about this?”, – puzzled campers.

Video surveillance the beaches of Kiev has forbidden to swim because of the algae and increase the content of Escherichia coli

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:38

System of coloured flags in the capital, introduced last year. Green allows you to swim, yellow is not recommended to do that and red bans. “Yesterday, we bathed, I come every day, do not see these flags. We need to write: it is forbidden to bathe”, people say. In KP “Pleso” warned that the ban didn’t just occur this year hung a red mark through hurricane, and for the first time because of the quality of water. “First, yesterday the rain stopped. After the rain water from the streets enters the reservoirs. And secondly, we come to the recommendations of Derepressible that water quality is non-standard indicators”, – said the Director of the municipal enterprise Eugene Koban.

In the summer samples of water taken once a week. Recent indicators have worsened tenfold. “In all obtained studies were found positive Bacillus. Coli is a bacterium of the group “E. coli”, which is an indicator of the deterioration of water” – said the head of state Derepressible of Kiev Oleg Ruban. “But sticks with such pollution in the water can be different viruses that can cause disease, occurring with lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, intoxication, high temperature, nausea,” – said the head of infectious diseases ward in oleksandrivska hospital, Kyiv Tatiana gajnutdinova.