In Marinka Mina militants nearly killed 3-year-old girl

In Marinka shelling by militants “DNR” has injured four civilians, including two children.

About this on his page in Facebook said the Chairman of Donetsk regional military-civil administration Pavlo zhebrivskyi.

Videobrain at the front suffered the greatest losses in recent months

TSN. 19:30

20 Jul, 19:51

According to him, mine fell in the yard of the house on street Youth, where at that time were 3-year-old Tamara, a 14-year-old John and 19-year-old Anna. All three were injured, but suffered a little child, she was shot in the stomach.

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In Marinka shelling militants burned the building of local residents

All three were taken to the hospital in Kurakhovo. 3-year-old Tamara has already been operated on, the doctors say the shrapnel mines don’t hurt the internal organs. Medics assisted two other victims – recovered small fragments of the soft tissues of the body.

Also injured 56-year-old resident of Marinka. The shell of fighters flew in and exploded in her yard on the street Heroes of Chernobyl. Women – oskolkovo a wound in the thigh. The victim was taken to Kurakhovskaya the hospital, where assistance. Condition is stable, doctors say.

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We will remind, on the night of July 20, the militants tried to seize the ATO forces positions near Krasnogorovka, but were rebuffed. This was told by Ukrainian military, who take positions near the city.

“Approximately 1 hour and 3 minutes had been shelling: 82 mm mortars, a tank, a single installation “Guerrilla” (“Grad”). They new charge when there is no debris and deep breaking action that penetrates, is designed for buildings, bunkers,” said the Deputy commander of a battalion Vladimir.

According to him, given that the shooting was in the city, these charges have all been carefully planned.