Knocked and went in red: Kiev told why he persecuted Jaguar with a drunk driver

To stop a drunk driver of an expensive Jaguarthat was running, knocking down two pedestrians, could a bystander. Concerned the driver of the Volkswagen were at risk of accidents, not only during the pursuit on the road, but during the arrest because the perpetrator was armed, according to a story TSN.19:30.

“I’m such a movie is not seen,” – says the eyewitness of events Sergey from Kiev Philo. The driver of a red car knocked down two men and then tried to escape from persecution in the yard and has not coped with management, smashed the fence and broke the children’s Playground and flew into a tree. From the sound of the engine and the grinding sound in the quiet courtyard poprosilasj residents. The man was detained by witnesses of the accident.

Video settings in Kiev the drunk driver “the Jaguar” hit a pedestrian and tried to flee the scene of an accident

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:45

“I saw how he was hit, left on a strip of solid and ran a red light. I stopped to people to help, and followed him. Five minutes I overtook him, he hit me – saw that I was behind him backed. The driver was in a very drunken state”, – said the participant of the event Igor Gerasimenko. The driver of the Jaguar was pulled from the witnesses and beaten. Inside, find a weapons permit and the gun, which the drunk owner was trying to pull, but did not.

Injured pedestrians for 26 years. Together they crossed the road in an inappropriate place. One of them is in reanimation in a serious condition. “There was a very difficult clinical situation. Invited vascular surgeons, and in the morning decided on surgical intervention on the vessels of lower limbs. The second patient is in the Department with a serious craniocerebral trauma”, – said the head of the Department of polytrauma of the 17th hospital in Kiev Dmitry Myasnikov.