“I will not answer because the officer”: how social media reacted to the debate Navalny Girkin

The evening of July 20 in the Internet held a debate between two well-known Russian opposition – liberal Alexei Navalny and nationalist-monarchist Igor Girkin.

For more than hour they talked about the corruption in Russia, relations with the West and the war in the Donbass. Among other things, Strelkov said, where did the weapons and the money for the capture of Slavyansk, once again said that the militants did not shoot down the Boeing, explained, why is fighting in the Donbass region and predicted a war between Ukraine and Russia over the Crimea.

The debate received wide response from the users of social networks. Some trolls answers politicians, others wondered why the Bulk needed to discuss with anyone is not interested in terrorist Girkin. But most users agreed that the debate had turned out boring and “show failed”.

– there are two chairs…

– I as an officer I will not answer, because the answer would deprive me of the officer’s honor.

— major concrete block (@stein_albrecht) 20 Jul 2017

— answer the question

— do not want

cool debate, #ДебатыLive

— Francesco. (@Temali_) 20 Jul 2017

Wings spicy or original?

— I as an officer I will not answer, because the answer would deprive me of the officer’s honor.

— One understood (@photovo) 20 Jul 2017

Briefly about the Rifle:I don’t like Putin, but he’s not bad, although of course terrible, but in return the monarchy #Bulk #Shooters #ДебатыLive

— swjwje (@swjwje) 20 Jul 2017

those same three people who, after drinking at five in the morning sitting in the kitchen and discuss politics pic.twitter.com/KUcyNA7Ppf

— Alexey Melnikov (@leshamelnikov) 20 Jul 2017


Bulk: will there be a trial of Small arms and others, took part in the armed aggression against Ukraine? pic.twitter.com/gVfOkhUrU5

The seer Runet (@your_seer) 20 Jul 2017


Roma Bordunov (@romabordunov) 20 Jul 2017

Girkin: blame the West, the Russian world, the Colonial government Bulk: Corruption, Putin, Rotenberg

Conversation with a deaf mute#ДебатыLive

— Alex (@AlexeyNN89) 20 Jul 2017




-Of course

Or how to start a debate #ДебатыLive

— Wonder Helen (@Wonder_Helen_) 20 Jul 2017

Bulk stronger than it looks. His opponent like a fossil that was brought back to life, damn it.

— Olesya (@Leggiero_) 20 Jul 2017

Bulk on the debate talks as if he wants to be elected king, not the President, “I will do”, “I will”

But how to do it,forgot to say

— Ramzan Kadyrov (@KadirovRussia) 20 Jul 2017

Let me know when Navalny will offer Girkin Prime Minister in his future Cabinet. Well, to unite the country.

— Pan Doktor (@pan_dok) 20 Jul 2017

Melancholy green these your debate.

— Rustem Adagamov (@adagamov) 20 Jul 2017

It is strange that it is possible to a murderer and a war criminal to sit here at one table. Even more strange is to find out the direct e…

Posted on July 20 Zhygalov Gregory R. 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of Ukraine, and strelkov have watched the debates and Bulk, you can explain to me…

Posted on July 20 Yevheniy Kuzmenko R. 2017

grkn I bulk, short sense debuts: you’re Putin – no, you Putin – no, you’re Putin, fu do not guess: you PU…

Posted on July 20 Volodymyr Yermolenko 2017 R.