Mine is 1.5 metres: the military has disclosed details of the death of his sister at the mine Butovka

Mortar shelling has claimed the lives of 38-year-old sniper instructor Oleg Chernatony. The tragedy occurred last night on the Butivka mine near Donetsk, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Journalists found on the position of things victims of the Ukrainian soldiers. Issecheny fragments of form and dent on the machine – the owner of the ammunition shot. Helmet scout “Special” zlecenie, but the soldier died. “Was in a helmet and hit him down. Not always protected. Below went,” say brothers-in-arms. The commander with the Callsign “May” viewing photos in your phone, they are Oleg at the mine Butovka, as always, smiling. “Pozivnica “Special.” Active, even hyperactive, easy, prompt. Sniper is good at knife fights is understood. It is possible to exploration – a true warrior,” says the officer about a dead friend.

Videoroliki fired at strengthening near Avdeevka and the Butovka mine, another soldier was killed

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:00

“Sam” was in a neighboring position when the next trench comrades exploded shell. One wounded, one severely wounded, and the volunteer Oleg Carnacon was on observation and not survived. 38-year-old sniper instructor had a wife and young children. “Heard a lot about her daughter, about the woman. Was sad to leave I wanted to go. The military knew very well” – talk about fellow colleagues. Fire on Butovka mine lasted the night before. 82 mortal of steel and mines. “Mine went about 1.5 meters away from him, hitting 100 percent almost died on the spot”, – the serviceman told Alexander Andreev.

This sector of the front near Avdeevka never haunted you. Mine ruins are the only refuge of the military. Over time, walls become less – they break a brick with powerful attacks. The young officer Vlad a few months, arrived at the Cradle. Says, then most of the walls were still intact. “Four days ago, the tank worked. Here was a clean pass – flunked two walls,” – said the soldier. Now the fighters more than the enemy’s bullets are afraid that something will just fall on your head.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska