Strelkov predicts a war over the Crimea after the “surrender of Donbass”

The former leader of the militants “DNR” Igor Girkin (Strelkov) believes that if the opposition leader Alexei Navalny will become President of Russia and, as he promises, will lead the Russian troops from the Donbass, then there will be war over the Crimea.

This Gunmen said during a debate with Navalny.

The Russian opposition-the liberal said that Russia has no money for the war, so he, if elected President of the Russian Federation will fulfill its part of the Minsk agreements to stop the conflict in the Donbass.

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Navalny said about the participation of Russian army in the fighting in the Donbass

“I would like to stop it. I would like a peaceful settlement in the Donbass, would like to stop the war,” – said Navalny.

In response to that Girkin had accused his opponent that he is “worse than Putin”. “You are worse than Putin, because you want to give Donbass back to Ukraine”, – said the former leader “DNR”.

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Navalny has promised to hold “a fair referendum” in Crimea, if you become the President of the Russian Federation

Girkin believes that after the “surrender of Donbass” there will be the issue of Crimea, therefore reconciliation between Ukraine and Russia in any case will not. “War is inevitable”, – said Strelkov.