Jumping mine and the fighters in the trenches APU: what killed the soldiers of the atoms in the most tragic day of summer

The largest losses in the ATO area over the past months, suffered a Ukrainian army. Novotoshkovki three soldiers blown up with explosives, four were killed during the shelling near Krasnohorivka, one soldier was killed near Novgorod, according to a story TSN.19:30.

A full-scale attack on positions of the APU, as it rushed to declare some volunteers, in fact no – have died in various parts of the front and under different circumstances. However, this number of victims per day is really not a very long time.

Videobrain at the front suffered the greatest losses in recent months

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:51

In novotoshkovke military patrolled the area, and close to the so-called Zelenka a group of six soldiers blown up by a mine. As a result, three soldiers were wounded, three more died. “Two dead at once, one heavy – it is not saved,” – said a combat medic with the call sign “Surgeon”. CSKA draw attention to the murderous design of the projectile, which had struck the whole group of soldiers. “She jumps out of the earth – approximately 0.6-0.8 meters. It is already 2.5 thousands of shards that scatter in a radius of 25 meters”, – explains the press officer of VSU Vladislav Shostak.

TSN has learned the names of the victims of this tragedy. This is a volunteer “Aydar” senior soldiers Ruslan Koniusha born in 1994, Ilya Timofeyev was born in 1973 and novel Detinenko born in 1986. From a sniper bullet under Novgorod killed 21-year-old Sergiy Gladkyy, who was in ATO since the beginning of the war.