“All burned, left what was”: the inhabitants Zaitsev told about the consequences of fire fighters

Three houses disappeared from the face of the earth in zaytsevo after the regular shelling from Pro-Russian terrorists in the occupied territory of Donbass. If the fire had not extinguished, the fire could burn a lot more structures, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Random happy coincidence there were no casualties – at the moment of hit of shells in houses nobody was, otherwise people were killed on the spot. In one of the houses miraculously survived two icons. Military now sadly look at “aesthetics” of the ruins. “That’s a nice frame, look through the burnt door – the remains of the village. Apparently, I’m a photographer,” admits APU fighter with the call sign “Valday”. He said that the militants including attacks by systematically destroying the civilian population. “Declaring the protection of the population, the liberation of the civilian population of Donbass from the yoke of some, but in reality they are killed”, – says “Valdai”.

Videoroliki shelled the village of zaytsevo for a few hours before the conversation, “Norman Quartet”

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:47

The village was left almost alone pensioners. For more than a year, people live without gas and water, only now trying to restore the light. In Zaitzevia install new power lines, and here people survive on humanitarian aid. On Monday, the peasants got blankets and sleeping bags. “I have destroyed everything, left running – what was in the garden. All appliances, all utensils, clothing, shoes, furniture – was burned,” says Vera Grigorievna. She now lives in a summer kitchen. The house was built and cared almost all of its 75 years, a woman lost completely.

As reported, on Sunday, July 23, at 9 am , the militants fired at the end of September, the result of which was damaged two houses. About it reported a press-service GU of the NP in the Donetsk region. For the late notice, around 11:00 the Pro-Russian separatists fired from small arms in civilian houses Zaitseva. The result of all these actions of the militants burned down three houses.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska