The Cabinet has developed a road map for the transition to accumulative pension system

The Cabinet of Ministers has developed a roadmap, which will go to the pension system.

About this on air of channel 5 said the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman, transfers UNIAN.

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July 14, 12:30

According to him, the transition will be possible after the adoption of the reform of the solidarity system. Groisman says that this reform will help to form a balanced budget at the expense of detail economy.

“We have 4.5 million Ukrainians generally do not pay into the Pension Fund, but come for a pension. And 12 million pensioners have paid contributions for myself and for those who are not paying. All must pay,” – said the Prime Minister.

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Note that now in Ukraine there is the solidarity system contributions in all the necessary funds committed by the employer. And funded – each person pays for himself from his salary.

Earlier it was reported that in 2021 Ukraine will begin the indexation of pensions in line with inflation. So want pensions were the same, especially those who retired early, and the growth of payments was frozen. Until 2021, the indexing plan to spend automatically for an amount not less than 50% of inflation and 50% of the average wage.