“Enemies will give up, not waiting”. Turchinov has tested a new rare weapons

NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov took part in tests of new samples of Ukrainian weapons and military equipment to Goncharovskiy landfill APU in Chernihiv.

It is reported by his press service.

Turchynov introduced machine guns, sniper rifles, antitank grenade launchers, mortars, advanced anti-missile systems and ammunition. Special attention of the Secretary of the NSDC paid thermobaric munitions which are now on the front is almost there.

“The military Armed forces of Ukraine in the near future to get them on Board,” – said Turchinov after the successful defeat of the purposes of the thermobaric hand grenade and rocket infantry flame-throwers.

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During the test took into account the deficiencies and comments in the work of the 120-millimeter mortars, and promising for use in the ATO zone Turchynov has identified a 60-millimeter mortars. They are not prohibited by the Minsk agreements and is able to accurately hit a target.

Also during the test was examined by an unmanned aircraft system “Turtledove” and upgraded unmanned combat vehicle “Phantom-2”, equipped with powerful missiles. Turchynov noted that he was “one of its kind able to scare of the enemy.”

“If you see him are our enemies, they surrender, before he would open fire”, – said Secretary of the NSDC.

He noted that ensuring the production of ammunition is a priority in the conditions of Russian aggression, therefore, for this additional funding.

Turchynov added that one of the problems in the defense sector is the lack of new weapons at the security forces who are defending Ukraine in the East.

“No use in combat, in particular, such complexes “Stugna”, the Russian tanks will continue with impunity to shoot our positions,” he said.

After the test, Turchynov held a meeting with leaders of defense Ministry and General staff on reducing the time from development of weapons and military equipment to its effective application in combat.

The testing equipment there were soldiers from many foreign countries who are interested in purchase of Ukrainian weapons and technology.

“Our goal is not only reliably protect Ukraine, but also to defend their positions on the international arms markets, which in turn will provide extra resource for defence industry development and capacity building”, – summed Turchinov.

As previously reported, in the South of Ukraine will be a testing ground for the latest and modernized samples of weapons and military equipment. It plans to arrange events of combat training of units of the Air forces of Ukraine.