The defendant in the “Ukrainian” accusations trump reacted to suspicions in contractual work

The President of the United States accused Ukraine of meddling in American elections. A hint, the White house has left in his Twitter says the story TSN.19:30.

“Ukraine’s attempts to sabotage the campaign of trump’s “the quiet work of the staff of Clinton.” So where is the investigation of the public Prosecutor?”, – asked the President. The first article that Ukraine allegedly helped to discredit trump, appeared even in the winter. Edition Politiсo remembered the efforts of Sergei Leshchenko, who arranged a press conference to draw attention of Americans to the consultant trump the Floor Manafort, a former Advisor to the Ukrainian President-the fugitive Victor Yanukovych. As well as a researcher with Ukrainian roots Alexandra Chalupa, which collected information about Manforce using the help of the Ukrainian Embassy. This information she shared with the headquarters of Hillary Clinton.

Videotron accused Ukraine of meddling in the American elections

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:02

And the headquarters of Clinton, and Alexandra herself has denied the charges. “I did not conduct this study for the democratic party. The democratic party never asked me to go to the Ukrainian Embassy to gather information. The Embassy of Ukraine has always been very careful during the American elections, while maintaining absolute neutrality,” said Chalupa. But trump’s a long article became an occasion to transfer the attention of Americans at least on something else at the time when the investigation of the Russian track in his team is in full swing, and Congress still is considering an important bill on health insurance.

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In the Ukrainian Embassy in the US responded to the accusations trump “interference” in the elections

In addition to Ukraine from trump via Twitter almost simultaneously went to the attorney General, which is still not opened against Clinton production, and the press that accuses his son-in-law into a tight communications with Russia. A unique way to communicate with the Americans and the world, according to recent research, Americans probably do not like it – a thousand respondents from different age and political groups considers a Twitter storm trump potentially dangerous. The question of whether a President of a great country on a daily incorrect emotional comparison, without unnecessary meetings, without the aid of experts in political communications and without the advice of security professionals – the answer to this question has yet to give the public in the United States.

The correspondent TSN , Jan, slusarchuk