The destruction of the market near the “Forest”: witnesses say about killing animals and looting of property “aunts”

The destruction of stalls in the market near the metro station “Forest” in Kyiv took about five hundred people. A significant part of these people’s faces were covered by masks, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Their actions the attackers started around 2:00 in the morning. Shopkeepers say that the young people of a sports Constitution is not destroyed, but robbed of their belongings. At the pet store, for example, broken aquariums and trampled animals. The owner of the shop Elena still can not recover from the night of the pogrom “aunts” – as she calls the visitors. “These people pulled his hands, pulled along the ground, showing all the f*ck you, brazenly talked in the jargon of convicts. It was the bandits-robbers who were specially hired to they have it all stolen,” she said.

Videosone young men in the night broke bulldozers and robbed stores at metro Lesnaya

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:07

The representative of administration of the market Oleg Igorevich Eskov, says that young people appeared in support of people that introduced themselves as officers of the Executive service. At the same time he has a judgment on which the Executive office is prohibited to carry out any work, in particular the dismantling of the shops. All entrepreneurs work legally and pay taxes. “The Executive office does not have to do anything, especially at night. Understand that could stand improvement, no question. Could the performers do their job, no questions asked. But robbing entrepreneurs – how is this?”, – he wonders.

The owner of Atelier Lily shows of your pictures guys. She said that the masked men threatened her and was not allowed to take their property – easy on the eyes plundered goods, money, and smashed the shops bulldozed. Most of the girl outraged by the fact that the dismantling didn’t warn you. “They are so arrogant, so confident. People who are not afraid of anything,” she says.