Military from Volyn requires from the Ministry of defence half a million for a fake contract

Soldier from Volyn Alexander Kovalchuk is suing the Ministry of defense after he received a contract for three years, which was not signed. Prior to that, he served for six months as a volunteer in the ATO, was wounded and received the status of a disabled person, says the story TSN.19:30.

Splinters in the foot Kovalchuk is already more than two years. He is not lame, but to extract the metal the doctors can not yet. “As I was in the hospital, told me of the phone call that there was a contract signed by me, which I was very surprised to hear that I had never seen, and said that is my signature,” said the man. He did not recognize his signature, and went to court.

Videogranny Atoshnik two years has proved that has not signed a three-year contract with the APU

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:46

In the Volyn district administrative court the lawyer of the fighter failed to prove that the contract is fake. The document did not match the date and the signature of the experts recognized newtention. “The answer came from the Lviv Institute of forensic expertise, the signature is made by technical means, i.e. was not tampered with a ballpoint pen or other gel, and technical equipment, like scanners,” explained the lawyer Yuriy tertychnyy.

The contract invalidated, but the defense Ministry did not agree. However, the Lviv appellate administrative court also upheld the arguments of the fighter – the complaint of the Ministry dismissed. The representative of the military Department Yuri Popovich, who was on trial, refused comment on the situation, and the journalists sent to the Western regional media center. However, there did not want to explain away the falsified contract.