Saakashvili deprived of Ukrainian citizenship because of the hidden facts in the biography – Gerashchenko

The former head of the Odessa region , Mikheil Saakashvili was deprived of the citizenship of Ukraine due to inaccurate data in the questionnaire. This is reported by TSN sources.

Two years ago, when I got a Ukrainian passport, he did not indicate in the questionnaire that is under investigation. And he was arrested in absentia in Georgia.

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The people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko also confirmed the loss of citizenship of Ukraine, former head of the Odessa region. According to him, the General Prosecutor’s office of Georgia was transferred to Ukraine facts, that Kiev was unknown during Saakashvili’s granting of citizenship.

According to Gerashchenko, Saakashvili deliberately concealed these facts.

“The decision to cancel the status of a citizen is accepted in the case that a person who wishes to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, provided knowingly false information, lied, provided false documents or concealed an important fact from his biography,” – said the MP.

Mikheil Saakashvili really deprived of the status of citizen of Ukraine. This is done in strict accordance with the Law on the OS…

Published by the Anton Gerashchenko 26 Jul 2017