The Chairman of the Gosrybagentstvo dismissed and told what to do

The Chairman of the State Agency of fisheries of Yarema Kovaliv wrote a letter of resignation and handed it to the Cabinet. It shall meet at the next meeting.

“I have dedicated reform 28 months of his life. It was very interesting and very difficult. The Foundation is laid, so the changes will not stop. I plan to return to business,” – said Koval, who was quoted by the press service of the Gosrybagentstvo.

Kovaliv has boasted to Pro-European reforms in the Department during his leadership.

“Today almost all the regions up and running a qualitatively different ryboohrany patrol, industrial fishing began to emerge from the shadows, it can be clearly seen in terms of catches that increased in 2016 and 2017. Completed work with the Europeans on the system for remote monitoring of commercial fisheries, ongoing electronization of industry, developed the bills on the certificate of origin of fish, the support Fund for fisheries development, increasing the responsibility for violation of fishing regulations. At times, the simplified system of issuing permits pravilov fish, fishing industry for the first time will receive financial support in the framework of the EIB loan of 400 million Euro, and oceanic fishing fleet after 18 years of unprofitability for the first time brought the state to almost 40 million UAH”, – said Koval.

Gosrybagentstvo will continue cooperation with international partners will use their experience in Ukraine. We are talking about cooperation programmes and technical assistance from Norway and Estonia, the agreement with the GFCM of FAO regarding first in Ukraine of the program “Technical assistance for the conduct for responsible fisheries and sustainable aquaculture” (scientific research of the Black sea, development of electronic control systems of catch at sea, training for conservation patrol).

The Agency also is finalizing a new and modern rules of Amateur and sport fishing.

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine will be “spy” for anglers on the waters.