A legal decision or a sign of dictatorship. The reaction of politicians to the deprivation.

Deprivation of citizenship of Ukraine, former head of the Odessa regional state administration and leader of the new forces, Saakashvili became the main topic of discussion among Ukrainian politicians and parties.

First, information was spread by mass media with reference to sources later confirmed the information in the Migration service (SMS) and the presidential Administration. On Bankova pointed out that GMS have “convincing evidence of submission of false information when making statements,” Saakashvili, therefore, the Commission on citizenship issues under the President of Ukraine decided to support a petition for termination of his citizenship and encouraged to sign the guarantor Petro Poroshenko corresponding decree.

Explained in AP and why not publish the document – say, a normative act shall not be published because it contains confidential information, particularly personal data.

Saakashvili himself said that Poroshenko’s visit to Georgia has made supposedly “for the sake of dogovornyak”, and two days ago changed the composition of the Commission for citizenship and introduced to new people.

“Poroshenko traveled to Georgia to establish relations between the two countries, he went there for the next dogovornyak, this time the two oligarchic regimes: Ukrainian Poroshenko and the largest private shareholder of Gazprom, the Pro-Russian Ivanishvili. They invented the GPU has provided new evidence in my case is another lie and thimbles, since I was granted citizenship, no new case against me in Georgia was initiated! And those flimsy cases opened – no country outside of the country, these charges are not recognized, ” wrote the former head of Odessa state regional administration, adding that he would fight for the return to Ukraine.

https://youtu.be/gWkK5pvkluM I am a simple Ukrainian! Today I am being subjected to the same approaches that are used by Ukraine’s prosecutors or bureaucrats against regular Ukrainians, whose rights are spat upon. I have lived in Ukraine for more than thirteen years, I participated in three revolutions, all of them in Ukraine: the Revolution on the Granite (1991) and two “Maidan” revolutions! I have only one citizenship, that of Ukraine and I will not be deprived of it! Now there is an attempt under way to force me to become a refugee. This will not happen! I will not stay anywhere else and will not change status! I will fight for my legal right to return to Ukraine! Poroshenko decided to deprive me of my citizenship in an underhanded way, while I am out of the country! As soon as those in power realized that the opposition is unifying in order to come out into the streets this fall and put an end to their oligarchic pact, their fear overcame their reason! President Poroshenko has spit upon the Constitution, of which he is supposed to be the guarantor! Poroshenko traveled to Georgia not in order to establish ties between the two countries, but in order to come to another agreement, this time between two oligarchic regimes, that of the Ukrainian Poroshenko and the biggest shareholder in Gazprom, the pro-Russian Ivanishvili. They have thought up is that, supposedly, new evidence in my case has been provided to the General Procuratura of Ukraine, but this is just another lie and a trick. Since I was given citizenship no new case has been initiated against me in Georgia! Those fabricated cases that have been initiated, these accusations have not been recognized by any country other than Georgia! Two days ago this president, on whom the Maidan once placed its hopes, changed the composition of the Citizenship Committee. On July 24 he appointed new people to this Commission in order to have a completely subservient commission that would agree to any of the President’s whims. Well, Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko, I can only say to you that you have poor advisers. With this decree of yours you have decreed, for yourself and for your government’s inevitable failure. If, before this, you could have expected to draw out the time before the next elections, now you can only dream about this. Today, you, Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko, have crossed a red line. Today the entire country has understood the price of your promises, “to live anew.” Now, doubtless, you, as was the case with your predecessor, will be tempted to try and hold on to power at any price. You may try this, just remember, they are waiting for you in Russia! Ukrainians have twice dealt with this pestilence and they will not stop until they truly bring new politicians to power! I adopted Ukrainian citizenship in order to fight for reforms, to fight for the successful future of Ukraine, on which the future of my own native Georgia depends as well. For me citizenship is not an empty concept. Every day that I held the passport of a citizen of Ukraine I worked hard in order that Ukraine would be successful and become a European super-state! I am more of a Ukrainian than may of the current deputies. I love Ukraine with all my heart and I will continue the fight here, in our Ukraine, without regard to any obstacles! __ I – Prosti Ukrainian! From me today namagayutsya vicinity, so needless Yak prokurori Chi burocracy to cinnati s zvichayniy ukraïntsyami – pluot on HN law. I live in Ukraine vzhe hope 13 years, I brave the fate of the three revolutions: revolut on grant the two maidans! Mene lachey odne dine gromadyanska – Ukrainian / m not udastsja me of Yogo posbility! At a time mene hochut musiti, otrymaty status Bianca. Tsogo will not! I don’t suraus nide truth lisalisa otrisovat Naki status! I domiates legal rights powernotes in Ukraine! Posbility mene gromadyanska Poroshenko Virchow to do krajkoma – pokey less absent in the country! Yak tilki stink zrozumilo scho mi Ob DOMEA dwellers vosene, Viti on vulitsi TA Prienai Tsey Marigny dogovra fear peremig health gluzd! President Poroshenko naplava on the Constitution, the guarantor ako nachebto he got booty. TSE direct and odnoznachnye signal ukrainskomu suspilstvu – more niyakogo Igor from democracy. Poroshenko zdiv from Georgia not malgojata contact yazki mizh cranny, VIN pahau tudi zadlya targowego dogovaraju, tsogo once – two agarchy Reimu: Ukrayinsky Poroshenko I nails private shareholder of Gazprom, prorosla Vansl. Stink came up with scho nachebto nadali GPU Novi dokazi have may sprav – TSE chergova nonsense I thimbles, wtod Yak meni nadali gromadyanska, godno Novo right against Grus torn down in mene not Bulo! And ti Nauman the right scho poruchen – Rodna Krajina pose Grosu TSI zvinuvachennya not visnal! Two dni to the President for yakogo kolis pokladov Nadia independence, smev warehouse Commission s gromadyanska. On July 24 VIN wvw to warehouse Commission novih people, dwellers povnistyu Maranatha Casa Bula SDATA piti on whether Yak zabarenko Poroshenko. Scho, Peter Oleksiyovich, pogani you Radnici. CIM help our defenders decree VI papouli sobi TA their power nemynuche porezku. And, if as VI shte could spouts “dotaknuti” to Viborg, now you stink mozhut tilki sanitise. At VI, Peter Oleksiyovich, crossed the boundary. Today the whole country zrozumia, Yak price your obrancu “life on-new”. Now, surely, you have, as I have trust poperednik, z be bazhannia, utimate Vlad whether the yakoy cnow. Scho, can probuvati, tilki pam remember, in Russia you don’t checkout! Ukrainians vzhe DVC moralise s zu plague I do not supinates, pokey not privedut to Vladi sprawing novih poltics! I prinyav the Ukrainian gromadyanska dwellers to fight for reform, to fight for future of Ukraine uspsa, od yakogo saleit into the future I mo ridnoï Grus. For me gromadyanska – not empty sound. Skin day Volodina a passport of citizen of Ukraine I pratsyuvav in order dwellers Ukraine was stronger than I was evropeyskoy adderaol! I’m more Ukrainian, than blesst tapers deputatu. I love Ukraine everyone knows, what does heart, and I prodaju borotba, here in our Ukraine, not sugauchi on scho hi!

Mikheil Saakashvili published on 26 July 2017.

The people’s Deputy from “popular Front” and the adviser to the interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said that the provision of Saakashvili citizenship of Ukraine was incorrect and is corrected in accordance with the law.

Mikheil Saakashvili really deprived of the status of citizen of Ukraine. This is done in strict accordance with the Law on the OS…

Published by the Anton Gerashchenko 26 Jul 2017

The MP from the PPO Sergey Leshchenko deprivation. called “not just political persecution, and flagrant example of double standards.”

Deprivation. is not just a political prosecution. This is a glaring example of double standards. Already…

Published Sergiy Leshchenko 27 Jul 2017

In the official statement of the party “Samopomich” noted that the deprivation of citizenship, Saakashvili is a political persecution and “signs of despotism”.

Pozbavlennya of gromadyanska not Mauger Buti nstrumental patinage peresman. Someone simpatico Samopomich, htos Movement …

Published Ob’єdnannya “Samopomich” July 26, 2017

The leader of “Batkivshchyna”, Yulia Tymoshenko said that the decision on Saakashvili testifies to the intentions of government “to establish a dictatorship through the destruction of political opponents”.

Pozbavlennya Mikheil Saakashvili Ukrayinsky of gromadyanska swit about Namir Vladi’s ustanoviti dictatorship through znesennya poltechnic opponents #Toppicture

Posted by Yulia Tymoshenko on 27 July 2017.

Another representative BPP – Mustafa Nayem was the deprivation of citizenship, Saakashvili called a “sign of weakness” of the President of Ukraine and added that the formal initiator of this decision was allegedly made by Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

The irony in the fact that, if you believe the Immigration service and the words of Andrey lozovoj, the formal initiator of deprivation…

Mustafa Nayyem posted on July 26, 2017

Businessman Igor Kolomoisky expressed the view that depriving Saakashvili of the citizenship of Ukraine will have a negative impact on the reputation of the state in the world.

“Deprivation of citizenship Saakashvili is a shameful stain on the reputation of our state. Even more shameful is that, despite the tendency in Europe is implemented in the “best” Soviet traditions. Only history will evaluate positive he is a hero for Ukraine or not. Personally, I can only say that it was not and I hope not boring. No matter what motives he was guided, when he stirred our sleepy “, – said Kolomoisky.

The leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko said that Saakashvili deprive citizenship on the basis of a letter to his fellow party member Andrei Lozovoy. According to policy, obtaining the Ukrainian citizenship of the former head of the Odessa regional state administration was unlawful.

Fakov agaron ZMI responsecount vipadku scho Saakashvil have possabily Ukrayinsky of gromadyanska on pastaw sheet direct…

Published by Oleh Lyashko 26 Jul 2017

The head of the political Council of the party “Ill” and non-faction people’s Deputy Taras Batenko expressed the view that the struggle with the political opposition captured the President of Ukraine more than success on the front, and the precedent with Saakashvili called a kind of “late in the Soviet period of stagnation”.

Z drive pozbavlennya gromadyaninu of Ukraine Mikhail Saakashvili. I don’t , I pricelinecom rhetoric bagatoh di tsogo polti…

Published by Taras Batenko 27 Jul 2017

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