Groysman explained why Ryanair decided to withdraw from Ukraine

The proposed conditions of the Irish low-fare airline Ryanair, which announced its withdrawal from Ukrainewere not discussed prior to the signing of the Memorandum with the Ministry of infrastructure.

About it in interview to the edition “New time” said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

He claims that he did not know about signed by Minister Volodymyr Omelyan the Memorandum with Ryanair from the beginning. The head of government noted that the Ministry has proposed to the carrier such terms that no one not previously discussed, therefore Ryanair has acquired the right to refer to this document during negotiations.

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“It was a weak bargaining position from the very beginning,” – said Groisman.

He added that the company refused to work in Ukraine because of the lack of a strategic vision of air transport industry as a whole.

“I have gathered everyone who is involved in this. It is important that we clearly understand the strategy and where we’re going,” said the Prime Minister.

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Groisman noted that drew to the issue with Ryanair investment office, government, airport and the Ministry of infrastructure. The latter instructed to develop a strategy for the development of airports.

The Prime Minister also expressed the view that Kiev should be aviakhab international – Boryspil airport, city airport and low-cost airport, for example, Gostomel. Gostomel airport in case of obtaining the status of a low-cost airport could increase the overall capacity of civil aviation in Ukraine is 2-3 times.

Recall, July 10, Ryanair announced its withdrawal from Ukraine , despite prisoner in March, a contract and agreement with the airport “Borispol”. According to the company, it is breach of agreement and cause the cancellation of the ward.

Airport Director, in turn, took responsibility for the failure of the agreement with the airport. According to him, the Irish company longed for conditions that violate the Ukrainian laws and business laws. So, Ryanair wanted for yourself free of air navigation in Ukraine, free check-in counters in the terminals, free space for your home office and office for the sale of tickets and the rights to build a hotel at the airport – just 14 points requirements.

Negotiations with the airline continue.

Videodirector the airport “Borispol” announced the resumption of talks with Ryanair

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July 13, 20:49