In MAU explained the purpose of the claims to the Omelyan and Lviv airport via Ryanair

“Ukraine international airlines” commented two judicial claims to the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine and the Lviv airport. The company believes that the Ukrainian sky should be open to all equally and without creating preferences for individual carriers, says the story TSN.19:30.

“First of all, because we see violations of the law. Violations of the law on the part of the Minister of infrastructure”, – said UIA President Yuri Miroshnikov. The Minister is on the eve of the first announced the claims and called them an attempt to block the entry of low-cost companies. “For me personally it was very nice that such a statement, a claim appeared. Because at the time of this claim, the UIA argued that it does not interfere in the negotiation process, she welcomes the competition, and there is no attempt to influence the “Borispol” airport “Lviv” under the contract with Ryanair,” said the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian.

Videomay commented on two lawsuits in the Ministry of Infrastructure and airport “Lviv”

TSN. 19:30

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Miroshnikov instead proposes to establish the legitimacy of the attempts of the West to foreign companies on the Ukrainian market. “If the court proves that everything that was made by the Minister legally, if the court will prove it – we will obey the decision of such a court”, – promised the head of the MAU.

The claim to the Ministry we are talking about 20 million hryvnias of losses, because the Irish company, the company began to sell tickets violations – not having any agreements. As a result, they say, had the effect of deferred popito – passengers stopped to order tickets because I was waiting for the opportunity to fly cheaper. Lawyers say that UIA has the right to protect its rights if it believes they violated, and the court, to resolve the conflict.

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As for the claim airport Lions, there is no hint of money – an attempt to achieve equal conditions for all, not just for new carriers. After all, the Irish airport has agreed to provide preferential conditions, while the Ukrainians – no. If this lawsuit wins, say in MAU, other companies operating in Ukraine, will be able to reduce prices and this will benefit all citizens.

Infrastructure Minister all violations of the law on its part denies, but admits that is really wanted and wants to see Ryanair in Ukraine. “If I hadn’t initiated this process, no negotiations with Ryanair in Ukraine would not have happened,” he says. He adds that determined to achieve your further. “I’m sure Ryanair will be in Ukraine. I’ll live and die, but it will come. We need to attract Ryanair. This is the number one carrier in Europe. I brought some offshore company with a lease from Portugal to tell Ukrainians tales, let’s fly with them,” explained Omeljan.

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In MAU say that it is not against the arrival of this company, but only for healthy concurrecy, because they themselves are already actively using the low-cost model. Meantime, sure, the main reason the Irish carrier’s refusal to fly to Ukraine is an attempt to get yourself the best terms and the best airports. But if the Ukrainian market is really interesting, the carrier will fly and other conditions.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Romanyuk