In SAP do not rule out the introduction to the Parliament a new view on Polyakov and foreclosure of its pledge to the state budget

The head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky does not exclude that in September the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine can be made a new submission to the MP from the faction “people’s front” Maxim Polyakov from-for refusal to wear an electronic bracelet contrary to the decision of Solomenskiy district court of Kyiv.

About it reports Interfax.

“It (Polyakov – Ed.) yesterday was invited to the police Department in Cherkasy region. Over the fact that when you attempt to execute a judgment and to put on his bracelet, he called the police and said that it used some unknown force and forced to take some unknown action “, – commented Holodnitsky.

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Deprived of inviolability of the Deputy of the Poles appealed the court decision on measure of restraint

He also added that the Polyakov failure to fulfil the obligations imposed on him by a court gives the Prosecutor grounds to demand recovery made by the people’s Deputy of the bail into the revenue of the state, and also the beginning concerning it one more criminal proceedings.

“If the court’s decision will not be made, the Prosecutor goes to court on the issue of recovery of collateral in state revenue in connection with the violation of a suspect’s procedural obligations. If the court decision will be executed and after that, we will solve a question of introduction in eRDR and started criminal proceedings for willful failure to judgment. Thus, I do not exclude that in September, may be a new idea for a different crime in the Verkhovna Rada “, – said Holodnitsky.

Videonarezkoy Deputy Maxim Polyakov chose a measure of restraint

TSN. 19:30

July 21, 20:19

Recall, the MP from the “people’s front” Maxim Polyakov, suspected of involvement in “amber case”, was summoned to the regional police station in Cherkasy region for mounting an electronic bracelet, but ignored the invitation. According to the representative of national police were Trakalo, the police along with detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine was expecting up to 14 hours.

Poles suspected of receiving a bribe. On 19 June the detectives NAB has arrested seven persons involved in extortion and obtaining illegal benefit for the promotion of foreign companies in the implementation of extraction of amber in Ukraine.

July 21, Solomensky regional court of Kiev chose a measure of restraint to the Deputy Polyakov – 304 thousand bail and ordered to wear an electronic bracelet. Also the Poles should surrender passport and not to leave Kiev and Uman without coordination with the investigation. July 25 Poles made bail in 304 thousand.