Saakashvili promised to return to Ukraine “on the wave of mobilization”

Deprived of Ukrainian citizenship by the former head of the Odessa regional state administration Mikheil Saakashvili has declared that will return to Ukraine at the first opportunity on the wave of mobilization of the people, which his political force is going to organize in the fall.

“We’re going to mobilize people in the fall, and when the mobilization of people, I do it daily. Think, of course, any barriers this creates to me that I’m on the course, but there are many technical means of communication. When full mobilization is, of course, I’m not aloof, I’m not going to sit and watch from the sidelines in this fight. I’ll be an organic part of this struggle, which he himself initiated. In the course of the struggle will grow and how it will be the first time – and the time will be fast enough – I certainly will come and be active part in Ukraine”, – he said in an interview with the Russian service of the BBC.

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Deprivation of citizenship at a time when he was not in Ukraine, Saakashvili was called “stabbed in the back” and noted that he has no documents of other countries.

“I have no desire to take them. I have a completely legal passport of Ukraine, which illegally was repealed by Poroshenko. And the law will take, so there’s no doubt”, he added.

We will remind, the President Petro Poroshenko, Saakashvili was deprived of the citizenship of Ukraine based on the recommendations of the Commission on citizenship issues under the President of Ukraine. This was reported in the presidential Administration.

Saakashvili himself said that it wants to make to refugee status, but he is going to pursue “legal right to return to Ukraine”.

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