Anthem, the military, and a record number of people: in Kiev held a procession of the UOC-KP

In Kyiv continued the celebration of the anniversary of the baptism of Rus – more than 10 thousand faithful took part in the cross the course of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate. Unlike the previous same event organized by the Moscow Church, are now believers could venerate the icons and receive a blessing from the Primate, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Morning thousands of people began a prayer in the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev. Under the temple of people gathered in times more than could fit in it. Coming from everywhere, whole families. Those who were here last year, noted that people became more. “Despite the fact that rain today! Many people showed up – and every year more and more people are going. And this is the testimony that we’re going back to their roots”, they said.

Video with prayers, songs and slogans: more than 10 thousand faithful took part in the Cross the course of the UOC-KP

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 21:08

One of the main places in the column allocated to the mothers and wives of the killed participants of the ATO, as well as those in captivity. Right behind them is the military. Participation in the procession is taken not only on the occasion of the baptism of Russia – fighters want to pay my respects to that Church, which from the first days supporting them on the front. “This support – it is not disposable as the action. She routinely goes. A lot of chaplains are there now with our soldiers, they are there to support them,” – say military.

In the Kyiv Patriarchate is now more than five hundred military chaplains. Some of them also led the procession. Held in the center of Kiev with prayers, songs and slogans, the participants sang the Anthem of Ukraine. Many passers-by do not weep, when you see the military convoy, some of whom even go hard because of the injury. Destination – the Vladimir hill.