Poroshenko praised the competition for new judges, which was won by ambiguous candidates

Became known the names of the people who will work by the judges of the new Supreme court of Ukraine. The contest lasted almost a year, one place was pretendovali seven candidates, for the first time a chance to take a position in one of the most influential courts had lawyers with no judicial experience, but won all the same people, the majority of whom have already worked or are still working in the courts, says the story TSN.19:30.

The independent contest began testing under the supervision of the cameras and reviewing applications for the virtue even of a psychologist. Although candidates for the judiciary one of the most important ships came to the competition on expensive SUVs and handbags whose brands speak for themselves, for the first time given the chance and people from outside – competition allowed legal scholars, lawyers and the like. In total, 120 finalists 93 either work or worked previously by the judges. In the Higher qualification Commission, which is holding a contest, say – the result is natural. “We remember that of this court. And the court need to have judges. Well, for example, the neurosurgeon will need someone from your friends – you’re not going to the audiologist cool”, – tell the Chairman of the Commission Sergey Koziakov.

Have videovisual the names of the winners of the competition for the membership of the new Supreme court of Ukraine

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:12

A quarter of new faces in the Supreme court alarmed the public Council integrity activists, which allowed to monitor the contest. They are concerned about what the competition was won by the old judges, whose salaries do not correspond to the way of life. “Olga Stupak – judge of the High specialized court, which rides on the BMW X5, which has received a service apartment, i.e. she has no money to buy an apartment. But the key is that she lives in the house near Kiev, which is not specified in the Declaration. In this there are signs of a crime”, – says the representative of the public Roman Maselko.

The estate of judge Stupak is located in the village Parking lot. On a street corner is a guard booth in the courtyard of the really worth of the BMW X5. Two-storey house of 350 squares. A relative of the judge who opened the door says that the house belongs to an old mother-in-law, who kindly allows to live with the judges family. In the village of Bucha is the home of the other finalist of the competition – judge Maryna Chervinska. Its area is five hundred square meters, and owns the 26-year-old son, who also works in the court, but constitutional. “When asked where the money is, he says – I worked for 15 years. Again, this is not true, but it passes,” says Maselko.