Broken teeth and head shots: terrible details of the murder by militants of the “DNR” 17-year-old footballer from Kramatorsk

20 Jun 2017 in Yalta (by Interpol), was arrested former commander of the “DPR” sorokashestiletny Vadim Pogodin, call sign “Kerch”. The Yalta city court has arrested “to ensure the opportunity of giving the law enforcement authorities of Ukraine”. Pogodin accused of not just murder, but the fact that he ordered the shooting of 17-year-old schoolboy Stepan Chubenko.

This was reported to Novaya Gazeta.

23 Jul 2014 the steppes was detained in Donetsk (which was already occupied – ed), because the backpack graders noticed the blue-yellow ribbon, and among the things found scarf football club “Karpaty” — that was enough. Home in Kramatorsk, Steve never came back.

At the checkpoint, which was located on the road to the village of Mospino, gunmen shot dead a minor boy Stepan Chubenko. In the criminal case instituted on the territory controlled by Ukraine, one of the witnesses volunteered to help the investigation — to remove a stone from soul.

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In the Crimea at Ukraine’s request arrested militant “DNR”, who killed 17-year-old goalkeeper Stepan Chubenko

He watched the penalty in the Gorbachev-Mikhaylovka, from beginning to end, but knew the killers only by their nicknames: Kerch, George, Buba. Their names and other information, irrefutable proof of identity, found themselves the parents of the deceased around the clock to monitor social networks and sites like “Russian spring”.

Before his death, the boy kicked with his legs, knocked out teeth. Then he was taken to the river Bank.

“Hands tied behind their backs with tape, a t — shirt on his head. Shoes with it before shooting off looters. “Kerch” shot in the head. All five rounds”, – reported the grisly details of the witness. To recapture the boy from the bandits none of the residents of Gorbachev-Mikhailovka did not dare.

The case went to trial in November 2015. In “DNR” on the personal instructions of the head of the breakaway Republic Zakharchenko, the crime is also investigated. And out — Pogodin, Moskaleva, Sukhomlinov.

They were accused of murder committed by a group of persons on motives of ideological hatred, the court ruled to place them under arrest. But in April 2015 the Prosecutor’s office “DNR” announced in an official letter: “the Actual location of these persons is not installed”. Moskaleva in “DNR” caught. He convinced the judges that he personally did not shoot. The defendant served a short sentence and fled from Donbass home in Chuvashia. In Cheboksary Moskalev was arrested on “red card” Interpol on the international wanted list of all three killers Stepan filed Ukraine. Issue, because of unknown reasons, did not happen, and Zhora released. Buba (Sukhomlinov) “lost” in Russia shortly after the crime, and still hasn’t been seen since.

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In the Donetsk region will begin to try the killers of 17-year-old goalkeeper

The mother of the dead boy teaches Russian language and literature at school, where he studied Tap dance. A native of Magadan, in Kramatorsk since the marriage since the early nineties. A citizen of Russia, Ukraine has a permanent residence permit. When that happened, I learned through the media the whole country, the young man was posthumously awarded the title of National hero of Ukraine (there is such non-state award, established by volunteers), and the foreign Ministry asked why she does not accept the Ukrainian citizenship.

Russian citizenship helped mother to get on reception to Zakharchenko. He promised to contribute. Soon Chubenko said: sorry, Stepan was alive. Established members of the firing squad. Returned the passport of the young man. Said was charged in connection with the “Right sector”, and that burned people in Odessa house of trade unions… And said that neither wept nor asked for mercy before death. The exhumation was carried out on 6 October.

She has a folder with references to various authorities who help to make the killers are brought to justice. Still wants to look them in the eye. Has achieved almost the impossible — official certificates of goskompanii of Ukraine and from the same Russian Agency. Date of crossing the state Russian-Ukrainian border “there” and “back” exclude the possibility of a visit to Stepan Chubenko Odessa on the day of the famous tragedy. Meetings constantly overturned: the judge is in the deliberation room on another case, the Prosecutor did not come, the lawyers of the accused.

Moskaleva, who was detained in Russia, has released, for Pogodin, who is currently in detention in Simferopol, is also bustling. With an appeal not to give “Kerch” and by the former Minister of defence DND Igor Strelkov. After his conversion a number of Crimean and Federal mass media published materials with a common message: “the hero of new Russia” it is impossible to give. And on July 17 the head of the “Union of volunteers of Donbass” Alexander Borodai in an interview to news Agency “new Russia” said that the results of Vadim Pogodin Ukraine will not take place.

Last Friday, Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yevhen Yenin publicly announced, he appealed to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation with a request to give Vadim Pogodin, brutally killed steppe Chubenko. The majority of colleagues of Vadim Pogodin, hearing the name Chubenko, from communication refuse. Some immediately hang up, the other is called the case “bogus”, saying that the judge “Kerch” in Russia, and then say goodbye.

“He is engaged in Greco-Roman wrestling, reading contest war poetry Simonova, writes songs and “Plan for the development of youth football in Donetsk region”, beyond his years, independent and free — headache teachers who like docile “average” children, a favorite of the girls, a babysitter for the kids in the yard, a fighter for justice…”, – the woman speaks of the son only in the present tense…

We will remind that earlier the militants of the terrorist group “DNR” sent my mother the head of her 17-year-old son, a goalkeeper Kramatorsk team Stepan Chubenko, who they killed in the summer of 2014.

The militants gave the mother the body of Stepan only three months, but without a head.

The terrorists told his mother that he had sent the head for examination to Rostov, so the guy was buried in a closed coffin.

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