From the captivity of militants freed two people who were detained in ORDA in the “Aseeva “

Two people who were detained by rebels together with Ukrainian journalist Stanislav Asimhas already been released and are on the territory controlled by Ukraine.

This was reported by the coordinator of the group for the release of prisoners “Patriot” Oleg Kotenko, transfers gromadske radio.

He, in particular, noted that others are still in captivity.

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“Two people were arrested in the framework of the “criminal case”, we managed to transfer to the territory of Ukraine. They are right here, on the territory controlled by Ukraine. All the rest are there, in the so-called “MGB”. Their health status is not known to us,” commented Oleg Kotenko.

According to him, these people included the security Service of Ukraine in the lists on the exchange. Negotiations regarding their release.

Recall from “DNR” detained for espionage the missing journalist Aseeva. The militants of the terrorist organization “DNR” said that the missing in the occupied Donetsk Ukrainian journalist Stanislav Aseev (Vasin) is detained and accused of espionage.

The militants “DND” announced Aseeva “search”. The militants called Aseeva missing. According to them, it 2 Jun left home and never returned.

6 Jun former people’s Deputy of Ukraine Egor Firsov said that in the occupied Donetsk disappeared journalist and writer Stanislav Vasin. According to him, most likely, the journalist grabbed by the militants. In his apartment are visible signs of forced entry and search. The Vasina account in Facebook active, it send messages and write posts. Last post journalist has been published three hours before the message Firsova – it was a link to the material Vasina about the situation in the occupied Donetsk and Yasinovataya.

Videoadobe hostages: militants captured 144 Ukrainians, more than 400 were missing

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22 Jul, 20:12