Fighters available the strategic Ukrainian database is freed from the captivity of the judge Rudenko

From the captivity of militants freed two Ukrainians. This is the judge from Severodonetsk Vitaly Rudenko Lyudmila Surzhenko from the Lugansk region. The disappearance of the last native said two weeks ago.

Woman from birth has impaired hearing. Separatists detained her on the demarcation line near the village of Lugansk. Kept in the basement, tortured to write a confession that cooperates with the Ukrainian military. The body shows signs of torture. This was announced on his page in Facebook, the representative of Ukraine in Minsk humanitarian group, first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashchenko. Lyudmila has now received medical treatment. The woman in security. This is stated in the plot of TSN.19:30.

The fate of Vitaliy Rudenko more than nine months, virtually nothing was known. The Ukrainian judge was captured, when in the occupied territories his father died. Rudenko seized by militants of the so-called “LNR”. Kept in the basement, was subjected to psychological torture to force him to cooperate with the breakaway government. This in an exclusive interview with TSN immediately after the liberation was told by Vitaly Rudenko. The details of torture people in the basements of militants appalling.

“The air doesn’t compare to anything else. There is absolutely not to breathe”, – said Vitaly Rudenko.

He is still hard to believe that already at home. However, it is our Prime duty released from captivity days ago Vitaly Rudenko believes to tell the world what is the dungeon called “LNR”.

The Ukrainian judge was captured in October 2016. In the occupied territory have moved from despair. The father died. Have to go to bury. Rudenko militants detained at the checkpoint. Handcuffed, bag over the head, then – a single room in the basement of the former Lugansk SBU.

“There is only a General corridor through which the plant and the output of the prisoners. It is heard when a person walks by itself, but audible when a person is not something that will wear, but with great difficulty he moves. When the man moans,” – says the man.

The first two weeks no one came, of food – a Cup of water and two slices of bread. Then the interrogations started. The judge was surprised to learn that militants have free access to the entire database of the Ukrainian Unified register of pre-judicial investigations, where all the information about the criminal proceedings, investigators and judges. One of the things that led Rudenko, namely the sentence separatists, the Director of “Luganskvoda” became an occasion to accuse him of treason so-called “Republic”. The penalty is 20 years in prison.

“Treason in the form of providing legal and other assistance to a foreign state. When I asked the investigator what foreign country I helped, if I am a citizen of this state and comply with the obligations of the state”, – said Rudenko.

He knew he was in Minsk listed on the exchange. However, the militants decided not to give, and to use the judge for propaganda. He was asked to confess separatisten media that he renounces Ukraine and remains in the so-called “LNR”. What will happen in case of refusal, knew firsthand.

“Wear a bag over my head, handcuff, beat, water. Then hit with electric current – this is called “camera Alice” – when connected to the lobes of the ears to the fingertips and goes to the “Alice” team, and includes a unit of electric current”, – said Vitaly Rudenko.

To renounce his Pro-Ukrainian views and made threats towards his wife and children, though they were on the territory controlled by Ukraine. In the video, which is so enjoyed by the separatist media, it is evident that Rudenko is very nervous, but forced to say what he wrote is to admit to be sympathetic to the militants.

“I am a Ukrainian to the bone. I have been and remain a citizen of Ukraine, I am a patriot of his country. I did not sell, do not sell and never will sell. The fact that I was forced to take a plea deal, it was a step of despair,” says freed from captivity.

Due to the fact that concessions to militants, he was released from the basement. Obliged to live in the so-called “Republic” but the SBU and volunteers from the organization “Patriot” helped Rudenko run home.

“Feeling words are not passed when you waited 9 months, while in the basement, and your foot steps on the native land”, – said Vitaly Rudenko.

Released tomorrow the judge will see your family again. Back Rudenko plans to work. Terrorists, says there will be no mercy.

Ivan Grebenyuk

Videoebony from captivity Ukrainian told the details of torture in the basements of militants

TSN. 19:30

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