The poles explained why not to wear an electronic bracelet

People’s Deputy Maxim Polyakov refuses to wear electronic tracking bracelet because of the clarification of the constitutional court and because it is not under house arrest.

He said this in the air Еспресо.TV.

“There is an explanation of the constitutional Court”, – said the Poles.

In particular, the MP refers to article 80 (parliamentary immunity) of the Constitution of Ukraine. According to this rule, there can be no obstacles in the implementation of its powers in the status of MP. Polyakov noted that the wearing of the bracelet creates such obstacles.

Therefore, he had appealed to the court of Appeal against the settlement by detectives NAB his parliamentary activities.

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“What gives the NEB the opportunity to wear the bracelet? Nothing. They had no right to do it, it has nothing to do with it… the Bracelet is used in the case of house arrest, and I have no house arrest,” – said the MP.

In his opinion, the situation with the bracelet prosecutors use to cover up the lack of investigation and evidence in the “amber case“.

According to him, there is no operational video receiving a bribe and official transcript NABU there is nothing about his acceptance of money. On the contrary, he is strongly opposed to there personal involvement in the lobbying to which he tried to persuade the undercover agent “Catherine Sivokon”.

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We will remind, Poles suspected of receiving a bribe. On 19 June the detectives NAB has arrested seven persons involved in extortion and obtaining illegal benefit for the promotion of foreign companies in the implementation of extraction of amber in Ukraine.

July 21, Solomensky regional court of Kiev chose a measure of restraint to the Deputy Polyakov – 304 thousand bail and ordered to wear an electronic bracelet. Also the Poles should surrender passport and not to leave Kiev and Uman without coordination with the investigation. July 25 Poles made bail in 304 thousand.

Videolarda Polyakov facing criminal proceedings for willful non-enforcement of court

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