The Ministry called on citizens not to succumb to the simplification of obtaining Russian passport

In the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine consider the approval of the Russian leadership of the law, which simplified the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship by citizens of Ukraine, the evidence of the complete neglect of the aggressor state of international law and the sovereignty of other States.

This is stated on the website of the MFA of Ukraine.

Ukrainian diplomats believe that the Russian government has assumed the authority to determine the manner of renunciation of citizenship of a foreign state, “is the exclusive prerogative of the national legislation of the relevant state of nationality.”

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“Renunciation of citizenship of Ukraine in the form of a notarized statement renouncing the Ukrainian citizenship to the authority of the country of citizenship is void in its nature and content. In accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, the only document that certifies the fact of termination of citizenship of Ukraine by withdrawing from him, and his loss, there is a corresponding decree of the President of Ukraine”, – reported in Department.

The foreign Ministry this step of the aggressor state is regarded as a continuation of legal discrimination and infringement of rights of citizens of Ukraine who owing to various circumstances live or work in the territory of Russia, and also in the occupied territory of Ukraine.

“We call on Ukrainian citizens not to succumb to such provocations and once again warn against travel to the Russian Federation. In case of violation of the rights and interests of citizens of Ukraine will receive all necessary consular support to the diplomatic and consular establishments of Ukraine”, – summed up the Ukrainian diplomats.

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We will remind that on 9 July, Russia has considered amendments to the bill that will overturn the decision on granting the citizenship of those convicted of terrorism. They will apply permission of the people of Ukraine who are unable to obtain a certificate of renunciation of citizenship, officially publicly to abandon it, in order to obtain a passport of the Russian Federation.