“Changed the locks, threw things out the window.” What Saakashvili said about the deprivation of citizenship of Ukraine

The former head of the Odessa regional state administration Mikheil Saakashvili gave a video press conference on the deprivation of citizenship of Ukraine.

During the conversation, the politician suggested that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko could deprive of his citizenship because of what he sees in him a strong opponent.

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“Everything is understood, all these talks that Saakashvili does not have the support – if I had no support, then why they took my citizenship when I physically was not in Kiev? What did Poroshenko – this means that he recognized in me a strong opponent”, – quotes his quote “Ukrainian truth”.

Also, the ex-head of the Odessa regional state administration stressed that the Ukrainian leader knew about his prosecution in Georgia when I gave him a Ukrainian passport.

“When I was granted citizenship, he knew about all aspects. We all discussed,” – said the former head of the region.

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According to him, business, which and deprived of his citizenship concerns the acquisition of a wreath at the funeral of former Czech President václav Havel.

“Said that there are some new things. Yes, there is something Vaclav Havel, we have sent a wreath for the price of 500 euros. Here is a new accusation,” – said the politician.

Saakashvili claims that he was deprived of citizenship while he was in Ukraine, and in fact, Poroshenko’s “changed the locks and threw things out the window.” The politician also claims that ostensibly has no ambitions and does not require high positions.

“I don’t want to be President or someone else, I don’t need posts. I’m the perfect candidate to maintain the Union – I have the ambition to change the political class,” he said.

The former head of the regional state administration notes that it is not going to get citizenship of other States and has a tourist and a working visa, on the basis of which is in the United States. Saakashvili says he plans to return to Ukraine publicly and not expect protection from other countries.

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We will remind, the President Petro Poroshenko, Saakashvili revoked the citizenship of Ukraine based on the recommendations of the Commission on citizenship issues under the President of Ukraine. This was reported in the presidential Administration.

Saakashvili himself said that it wants to make to refugee status, but he’s going to achieve the legal right to return to Ukraine.

Videodemonstration President has officially confirmed the deprivation of Saakashvili Ukrainian citizenship

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27 Jul, 20:56