In Ukraine significantly dropped the price of tomatoes

To buy a kilo of tomatoes at the largest wholesale markets of Ukraine are currently at 2-17 UAH, depending on the location of the market, quality and sizes of tomatoes, the volume of purchases. Last week the prices were a half to three times higher.

Sellers explain that the cost is reduced seasonally now actively ripe ground tomatoes. At the same time in the second half of July, prices of tomatoes have reached record levels due to the lack of products, so now falling so significantly. About it reports “info-SHUVAR”.

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The most significant decrease in prices compared to last week, was recorded in the market of “Unexpected” in the Kherson region. Tomatoes there fell more than three times and are 2-3 UAH per kilogram.

On the largest in Western Ukraine wholesale food market “SHUVAR” in Lviv tomatoes sell for 7-10 UAH/kg (the week prices fell in twice).

The most expensive tomato today offer on the trading floors of the wholesale market “Capital” in Kiev, where prices are in no hurry to decline and stay at the level of 12 to 17 UAH/kg.

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9 Jul, 21:56