Stew with fragments and dashes under the bullets of sniper: TSN saw the military life in the industrial zone of the Town

Ukrainian military continue to hold the Fort industrial area near Avdeevka, despite militant activity. Help even civil knowledge of those who are currently serving in the army, says the story TSN.19:30.

Contractor of the 72th brigade on call “Goblin” before the war, was kept in the hands of the only building materials. It was built in Kiev and abroad – present, applies the knowledge to the industrial area. Says the life of a fighter depends directly on the strengthening – not so will put some detail, and it doesn’t do any good. “The box can withstand attacks. If you get here, the 7.62 bullet will not pass something,” says the soldier.

Video surveillance advanced wounded five soldiers APU

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:53

“Goblin” is in the position where there are not OSCE observers, and the distance between the warring parties is only 70 meters. “And we’ve got used to it, it’s familiar,” he says. Fighters learned to cross that stretch of road, which sweep with a sniper of militants. The very same “promko” turned into a huge maze of minefields and gun emplacements of the two parties. Unharmed here, you will be accompanied by those who know the area.

Conductor journalists to “PROMT” – fighter nicknamed the “Kalina”. Along the way he tells the story of the last battle, when at dusk on the Ukrainian positions began to shoot from machine guns and wounded his brother. “We back not given – the truce”, – he said. Besides snipers and machine gunners, the objects APU with uncontrolled territory has a tank. The other day he was aiming point-blank range went straight into the goal – happiness that in that moment there was no one from the military was not.