The observance of the ceasefire and the admission of the OSCE. What was said in Minsk

The main issue of the meeting today the work of the Trilateral contact group in Minske – the observance of the ceasefire regime from ORDO.

About this Facebook reported the press Secretary of ex-President Leonid Kuchma of Ukraine Darka olifer.

The trilateral contact group has called on militants to ensure its obligations and to stop shooting. Also talked about the monitoring of the situation in Donbass from the OSCE special monitoring mission around the clock, 7 days a week, using technical means of observation, after which will be further dilution of efforts and resources on agreed sites.

The main question of today’s work of the Trilateral contact group – the observance of the ceasefire regime on the part of OGL…

Posted Darka Olifer 2 August 2017 R.

“During the separation of forces and means representatives ORDO don’t have to install additional fortifications and minefields will also not continue any infiltration of troops or supplies of new ammunition from the Russian Federation on the territory ORDO”, – stated in the message.

Video “Gradov” fighters fired at the village of Water under Mariupol

TSN. Wounds

Today, 08:18

“Threats and violence against the observers, which continue to take place in ORDO, outrageous and unacceptable. We are called to complete the investigation and punish those responsible for the deaths in ORLO employee of SMM, who was a U.S. citizen. You need to bring to justice the persons who are subjected to verbal and physical aggression, representatives of the mission, in particular, those who yesterday in Olenivka more than 7 hours were held by staff of the OSCE SMM, we categorically condemn this impermissible and outrageous fact,” say the representatives of the trilateral contact group.