Calculator well-deserved rest. At what age Ukrainians will be eligible to retire

To raise the retirement age in Ukraine in the framework of the reform will not. However, officials figured out how to make the Ukrainians work after 60 years will increase insurance experience.

“Raising the retirement age will not. This position the government asserted in the negotiations with the IMF, this position laid the basis for pension reform. After the age of 60 years people will be able to retire. However, we eliminate “uravnilovka” when the amount of the pension is almost independent of the number of years worked. What is happening now? To retire, enough to have 15 years of experience. That is, if a person started work at age 25, in 40, according to our laws, he can resign from work and expect a pension. And in 60 years, will receive almost the same pension as someone who worked 30-40 years. We increased insurance required for registration of the pension to 25 years. If there was a raising of the pension age, regardless of the number of experience, must retire at 63 or 65 years,” said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman on his page in Facebook.

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In the calculation of pensions will take into account only two parameters – the Ministry of social policy

After the reform, later retirement, only those who do not have the necessary years of experience.

“Next year will be to retire people born in 1958. Preliminary calculations show that up to 90% of them worked diligently all their lives and they have the necessary experience and even more. That is, most 60-year-old Ukrainian will be able to apply for a retirement pension. As for those percent, who for some reason do not have enough years of experience, they will have the opportunity, or even a year or two to work, or to get help from the state, but not from the Pension Fund,” – said Groisman.

Videocart ten years pensioners in Ukraine will be able to receive pension in 6 thousand

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July 25, 08:45

We will remind, since October 1 this year, the government promises to modernize (upgrade) pension 75% of pensioners.