Like in a sauna: TSN measured the temperature of the Kiev tram, trolley, subway and taxi

Ukrainians continue to suffer from lack of air. Especially hot today in public transport, because most of the trolleybuses, trams and taxis obsolete and are not air-conditioned, says the story TSN.19:30.

The journalists decided to measure the temperatures in six types of public transport of the city: trolley, bus, taxi, tram, metro and taxi. Prior to the experiment to stop, the sun, the instrument recorded 45 degrees Celsius.

Videos the heat, public transport was hell on wheels

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:26

People in the tram, rode it a little. Conductor Alexander says he opened the window that was drafty. However, when he finds out what the temperature in the car will torepeat. “43 degrees, seriously? Sauna don’t need to walk,” says she. The recipe is from simple heat: water bottle pocket, and open hatches. But what to do when one of the passengers suddenly become ill – did not know. “I didn’t,” says the woman.

The following field experiments were trolley. Passengers say they are saved from choking by water and fans. The controller has the know-how. “Through there is the pump room. Go wash up,” he says. Shown device the figure of wonder of 41 degrees.