In biowiki area of the ATO wounded three Ukrainian military

In the Donbas illegal armed groups for the past day 38 times violated the ceasefire. In the fighting three Ukrainian military were injured, said the headquarters of ATO.

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On the Luhansk region detained the fighter of terrorist “LNR”

The terrorists increased the number of attacks of positions of the APU in the Donetsk and Lugansk directions. Avdiivka industrial zone continue to remain one of the major epicentres of the conflict: there most of the night from different directions, the militants fired on the Ukrainian fortifications, with mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and small arms.

The Ukrainian military “firmly answered the militants,” the statement reads. Also this night under fire were the positions of the Ukrainian army in the village of zaytsevo, Kamenka and Lugansk. And about 23 hours on the outskirts of Nevel in the shelling had wounded one Ukrainian soldier.

Videoproto Tarack suffers from a lack of water through the control of militants filtration plant

TSN. 19:30

28 Jul, 20:42

On the Lugansk direction were hot only in the area of Novoaleksandrovka, where at the end of day 5 times militants opened fire on strong points of ATO forces using different types of weapons. In addition, they used mortars caliber 82 millimeters near the Donets river.

On the Mariupol direction under granulometry fire hit position in Lebedinsky, Shirokino. And about 23 hours in the shelling received shrapnel injury of one Ukrainian soldier.

Yesterday in the headquarters of ATO reported no losses among the Ukrainian military on 3 August.