New utility rules: the Ukrainians do not understand, why give up the meters on the house

New utility rules require counters for heat and water in every home. Suitable sustanably the new rules for calculating payments for heating and water supply, and among high-rise residents are already rumors about what will have to pay for the neighbors, according to a story TSN.19:30.

We make our way to the basement of the Metropolitan high-rises. Heating pipes, hot and cold water. “There he is!”, – head of the cooperative Alexander shows obschedomovoy water on the counter from “Kyivenergo”. The usual device for Kiev – a rarity for the rest of Ukraine. But for a year and a half, these should be installed in each block. In the house of Mr. Alexander shared counter is four and he already knows we pay more.

Videostamil has in force a law that sets new rules for calculating payments for heating and water supply

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:21

The vendor delivers the water to house counter. What’s next – not his problem, because the money will be for this single indicator. If desaturarea home each used 1 cube of water for their own counter – together for 10, and the total clocked up 11, then once the cube is called the loss and distribute to all residents additionally.

To get rid of losses, the global mission of the new law. “Water is used in homes in order to wash the staircase. If we use for irrigation of the local area, we have to consider the whole amount of water. Second, we have problem at home where water flows into the cellars. The counter at the entrance to the house and to the house if water flows, then all know what is in their joint ownership is not all right”, – explains the logic of the law of the people’s Deputy Olena Babak.