In Britain, the ex-COP was removed from the helicopter a couple who had sex on the street

In Britain former police officer from the helicopter taking video, as the couple has sex.

For such a trick, the man was sentenced, the court Sefid, writes Metro. In addition, his lens were a few other people who were sunbathing naked.

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The footage, which was shown in court, shows how the couple has sex in various poses on the summer terrace. According to the judge, a man used the helicopter, which costs 2 million pounds, or a thousand dollars per hour, to satisfy their own sexual curiosity.

“Instead of the prevention and detection of crimes you have committed a crime,” the judge said.

The woman filmed during sex with her husband, said that now it is difficult to trust the police.

Another woman who was filmed naked without her knowing, told police that she felt really bad when he sees the footage.

We will remind, on August 7 in Lviv patrol police officers made the Protocol on administrative offences in relation to men and women who had sex on public transportation.

Videoinside that Nude was walking in the center of the city, was taken to a psychiatric hospital

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