In the Parliament of Australia suggested that made Bitcoin the official currency of the country

In the Australian Parliament insist on the recognition of bitcoin the official currency of the country.

About it reports “CoinDesk”.

This initiative is supported by the centrists, and the political parties of the left direction. Among the main supporters of the official status of bitcoin is the Senator from the Liberal party Jane Hume and the Senator from the labour party Sam Destery. They formed a group of “Parliamentary friends of the blockchain” to promote his bill.

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The parliamentarians urged the Australian Central Bank to consider the possibility of launching its own cryptocurrency.

“It will be a revolutionary breakthrough for the Reserve Bank and Australian financial institutions. We would like to create in Parliament a political atmosphere that would allow it to do that,” said officials.

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Some parliamentarians do not support the idea of expanding the scope of the bitcoins. In particular, the head of the Australian labour party bill shorten called for strengthening control over the use of cryptocurrency in the country.

Earlier it was reported that on 1 August the most famous cryptocurrency of the Bitcoin world was divided. Next to it there is a new Bitcoin Cash. Its creators believe that it will be better protected against hacker attacks, and the maximum volume of its unit will increase to 8 megabytes.

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