German Embassy was headed by the doctor of the Carpathian district, which won the competition

Team one of the largest national children’s hospitals has presented the new head. This is the first time when such a position comes through a transparent competition, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Previous Chapter OHMADET has held his post for 13 years. Irina Sadova the first day on the new job criticizes a large canvas in the office of the head, which is called “dear socialist realism,” and seeks the Internet. Doctor of Coloma walked 7 of their competitors – in their native Carpathian region, she led the district hospital, had a salary in 12 thousand hryvnias, the apartment is 82 square feet and 12 acres of land. Machine, says, has, and salary in your new job – don’t know.

Video”OKHMATDYT” got a new leader through a transparent competition

TSN. 19:30

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Opponents impute to her lack of experience – say, to lead the provincial hospital is not the same as to lead a clinic on a national scale. However, without scandals it is up to Sadova could not be anyone – the last one was for having expired medicines to tens of thousands of hryvnia. New head says to end it can open electronic register of medicines. Team MS Saduak admits that not a single day he worked as a doctor, with medical training took only managerial positions. Just ask her about increasing funding OHMADET.

Budget OKHMADET – 350 million a year. It is the largest children’s hospitals in Ukraine. New Chapter believes that it is necessary not to increase, and control. It considers its main duty. A major challenge for Sagovac will be the completion of the unfinished time of Yanukovych – hull where you can do this in modern oncological surgery. The pace of new instructor inflicted considerable – the opening of the new building, which was previously postponed 7 times, appointed in November.

The TSN reporter Irina Markevich

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