In Kiev at the weekend car Parking will be free

Today, August 10, in Kiev there are no attendants, because they were forbidden to take cash payment. Accordingly, it is now possible to pay only a wire through the 87 Parking meters, SMS, four mobile app or buy in kiosks special hourly, daily, monthly passes.

At the same time, Parking on the weekends will be absolutely free. Such decision was taken by Kyiv city state administration. This was stated by the Director of the Department of transport infrastructure KSCA Sergei Simonov, reports “Gromadske”.

“We took shadow the cash that was on the streets, funds went nowhere. Now we get more new funds into the budget, on which we will build new Parking spaces,” — said Simonov.

Video of the day in the capital for Parking you can pay only the clearing

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Today, 09:08

Details of the conditions on all sites for Parking, which in 212 and they are designed for 6 thousand cars.

At the center of the organization and to road safety has already prepared 10 inspectors, which will run in the Central part of the city (Pushkinskaya street, Khmelnitsky, Welt). They are dressed in a special form, they have lapel video cameras that operate online. The inspectors must inform Kiev about paying for Parking and issue warnings for violations of traffic rules. Such inspectors are planning to prepare another 50.

In the future, in the capital want to implement a single operator “Kievparktransservis”, inspectors will scan the numbers of cars and check whether the driver paid for a Parking space.

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