For the bloody shooting at the train station in Kiev may be hiding a conflict of carriers

Among white day at the railway station of Kiev unknown persons opened fire from a traumatic weapons and wounded three men. Eyewitnesses say that the attackers ran up to one of the minibuses, and shot the men and fled, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Frightened witnesses called the police. Who was shooting – I don’t know. “Shot very much. And here, below, and beyond. Who shot – I don’t know,” says one of the women. All the injured, the witnesses, occurred in the thigh. The first version of events – the conflict carriers.

Videocassette in broad daylight opened fire on the capital station

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:26

In the company bus which stood near the site of the shooting, confirmed that it affected their employees. However, they work only a week, added there. And I assure you that it is legal. “We officially work. They decided to remove the competition. A matter of money. They decided therefore to intimidate” – suggests the administrator of the carrier Vitaly.

Near the hospital there is a wife with colleagues one of the victims, they avoid reviews. The surgeon says that it delivered only one of the three victims – the hardest. Other prisoners were taken to other hospitals. A 36-year-old man has had surgery. “Four gunshot wounds: one in the lumbar region on the right forearm and two in the right thigh. Will live”, – assured the duty of the responsible surgeon of hospital No. 17 Vladimir Gulag.