At Kiev Gostomel highway Packed to the Jaguar and flew into a tree, injured six people

Near Kiev Gostomel highway in the night there was a serious accident involving a car “Jaguar”.

It is reported on his page in Facebook.

“Hard accident in Kiev Gostomel highway: six victims,” – said in the message.

According to preliminary data, “Jaguar” in Lithuanian registration on speed flew off the road into a ditch and utility pole.

Hard accident in Kiev Gostomel highway: six victims. Previously, Jaguar at the Lithuanian register….

Published 12 Aug 2017

The collision injured six people who were in the car, one of them in critical condition. Two more suffered serious injuries and three internal injuries.

Earlier, a terrible accident occurred in the Kherson region: four dead, including 5-year-old child. One of the car for unknown reasons, suddenly drove into the oncoming lane.

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