At the checkpoint in Mariupol detained the informant of terrorists

In Volnovakha district, a local resident, 1.5 years, sitting at home, passed the “DNR” information on the rotation of the Ukrainian military and the movement of vehicles of the Ukrainian army.

It is reported by the police of the Donetsk region.

He was detained during attempts to cross the stop control in Mariupol and taken to the police station.

At the beginning of the armed conflict in 43-year-old resident of the village Merry had a conflict with the military. Holding a grudge, the man decided to take revenge.

Therefore, in the future, each time calling his old friend nicknamed “the Chieftain”, he told me that at a particular time by his house passed a military convoy. Informed about everything in detail: quantitative structure equipment and personnel, the movement direction and the expected further deployment.

Later he realized that sooner or later he will have a responsibility, therefore, broke off all contact with a friend.

Now the issue of opening of criminal proceedings.

Since the beginning of the year in the Donetsk region identified 177 militants, 152 detainees, a 25 wanted.

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In the area of anti-terrorist operation detained two informants terrorist “DNR”

We will remind, in the Luhansk region detained the informant of terrorists. It was established that a resident of the city of Rubizhne gave to my friend, the action of one of the illegal armed groups of terrorists data about locations, movement of personnel and military equipment of VSU in several districts of Lugansk region.

This information he passed from the end of last year.

Operatives of the security services seized the informant’s cell phone evidence the transfer of information to terrorists.

The man it is declared suspicion, the pretrial investigation proceeds.

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