The people of Kiev are beginning to send receipts with significantly increased rents

Today, August 14, the people of Kiev will start to receive the new receipt for communal. Payment for maintenance of houses and adjoining areas have grown in half to two times.

This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

The new tariffs entered the city authorities from 1 July. They say that the rent has not changed for seven years. And during this time has risen in price electricity, water, garbage collection, increased minimum wage.

Before the tariff is a maximum of 3.14 UAH for square meter of living space. And now – of 5.80 UAH.

The increased rent will be paid by the tenants of the eight and a half thousand homes that serve utility Hoo.

City officials add that it will remain a 10% discount for timely payment. In turn, promise to improve the quality of service of the houses of Kiev.

Recall that in the capital also increase the tariffs for hot water. At the same time reduces the price of heating.

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