Tymchuk told how FSB and “DNR” want to use the captured Ukrainian Aseeva in information security operation

On the instructions of curators from FSB, “MGB DNI” jointly with the Prosecutor General DND” preparing the information and psychological of the OSCE observers taken hostage by Ukrainian journalist and publicist Stanislav Aseev.

This was announced on his page in Facebook the people’s Deputy, the head of group “Information resistance” Dmitry Tymchuk.

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“The intent of the FSB, Ukrainian journalist should give a public testimony in cooperation with the special services of Ukraine (including the DIU Ukraine)”, – Tymchuk told.

According to him, the special operation will have multiple purposes. Among them: once again “prove” that, supposedly, any journalists or bloggers who criticize “LDNR”, are agents of Ukrainian secret services to intimidate the broad strata of the local population in ORDO, which is increasingly critical of the activities of “LDNR”, and in recent years more and more openly shows his opposition to the Russian occupation administration of these territories; to demonstrate the effectiveness of work of Russian special services and “LDNR” in the occupied territories.

Videopresenter “DNR” and “LNR” found only 71 made with 137, which demands release of Ukraine

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31 Jul, 20:01

“Knock the required “recognition” for the FSB/”MGB” is not a problem – using the methods of the Cheka-NKVD-KGB, including torture, the Russian Federal security service can implement it without problems. The calculation is done on a purely psychological factor: even if ignorance of the specifics of intelligence, and guided by the elementary logic, it is impossible to believe that the Ukrainian special services will be used an agent known Ukrainian journalist with a Pro-Ukrainian position. Especially in the occupied territories”, – said Tymchuk.

Concerning the seizure of hostages by terrorists “DNR” journalist S. Aseeva According to is group, according to instructions of the curators of f…

Published by Dmitry Tymchuk 14 Aug 2017

Earlier it was reported that the Russian curators in the “Ministry of information DND” set a task for the leadership of the militant-controlled media for the preparation of new large-scale information operations. In particular, we are talking about “persecution of Russian-speaking population in Ukraine”.

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