The FSB announced the arrest of “agent of the security Service of Ukraine” in the occupied Crimea

In FSB of Russia reported that allegedly detained “agent of the security Service of Ukraine” for the preparation of a number of sabotage.

“The Federal security service warned the Commission in Crimea, several acts of sabotage against infrastructure and life support of the Peninsula”, – stated in the message the Russian security services, quoted by TASS.

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The court occupied Crimea announced the sentence of the Ukrainian “saboteur” Stogniy

Russian security forces allegedly detained “agent of the security Service of Ukraine in Kherson region”, which was sent to the occupied Crimea “to commit acts of sabotage”.

“The detainee is a citizen of Ukraine Gennadiy Gennad’evich, Limesco, a native of Kharkov region, previously served in the so-called zone of ATO as a senior intelligence officer deep exploration in one of the military units of the APU,” – say in Russia.

Videosb Russia announced the arrest of a Ukrainian spy in Samara

TSN. 16:45

13 APR, 17:39

Recall, 10 August 2016 of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation said about prevention in the occupied Crimea terrorist attacks, which was allegedly prepared by the Main intelligence Department of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Also, the FSB told about the elimination of “intelligence network” of the Ukrainian intelligence in the Crimea among citizens of Ukraine and Russia.

One of the organizers of terrorist attacks called the inhabitant of the Zaporozhye region Yevgeny Panov, who served in the 37th battalion private motophoto APU under the call sign “Eugene” and was discharged in 2015. The brother of the detained Ukrainian claims that he was kidnapped on the territory of mainland Ukraine and were taken to the occupied territory.

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