In Kyiv supermarket lifted like a cat used the container of sugar instead of the toilet

In one of supermarkets of the capital, the witnesses withdrew like a cat climbed in an open container with sugar. Video Dnia sent witnesses to the incident.

As the authors of the video, a walk cats they took off August 15 in “Cocktail” on Victory Avenue. The animal jumped on the pedestal with open dry food and went down into sugar. The camera recorded as a cat dripped traces of “crime”.

Video settings Kyiv supermarket cat decided to use a container of sugar as a toilet


Today, 13:00

TSN.ia asked for comment to the store Manager and representatives of the trade network.

“We are now quickly conduct an internal investigation. Then be clear next steps”, – commented the head of Department of Digital marketing Alex Guravov.

Witnesses say the animal was out on the sales floor from the back room. Also in this market, they say, always see in the supermarket birds that eat halva.

Birds in the sales area

Recall recently the experts “Sedanka z 1+1” explored how not to buy in the supermarket spoiled products, which are often placed on shelves for sale.

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