“Kievgas” came from turning off Kiev from-for absence of documents for speakers

In Kiev, residents of apartment buildings were disconnected from the gas – sealed speakers, installed 10-15 years ago. People are convinced that thus they blackmailed and require about one and a half thousand hryvnia for the renewal of documents for the equipment, which had once established themselves as workers of “Kievgas”, says the story TSN.19:30.

Lydia Alexandrovna leads to his home, where the fifth day her column without gas. “I looked: Yes, all right, but no papers,” she says. The old column for new woman was replaced 7 years ago, a specialist from “Kyivgas”. She still remembers, what was the name of the wizard – Victor Mikhailovich. Now “kyivgas” this unit considers to be illegally installed, and the same situation from the neighbors, Mrs. Lydia. Without warning 60 apartments house for two days remained without gas – during this time gas went through the house and shut off those gas column, which, in their view, do not have technical documentation.

Videocanvas threatening to disconnect anyone who does not have documents on the gas equipment

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:27

The gas company asked to be in the apartment with a request to verify the safety and quickly sealed speakers. Unlocking them will cost a tidy sum for new technical documents with one of the families require 1800 hryvnia. Say to those that have already spent 10 years ago, when the place of the old speakers installed Italian counterpart. People don’t understand why have to pay again for work done 10 years ago.

“Kievgas” require documentation and don’t want to admit that their employees carried out the replacement. They say that workers who did work, could be the former, and the subscriber must be documentation – or no words to deeds have no relationship. People propose “Kievgas” to raise their archives, there should be notes for column replacement. And the situation that has developed, is called extortion.