Experts predict a rise in the price of rental housing in major cities

After two weeks, about 320 thousands of freshmen will start their studies in universities. Of these, over a third staying in hostels. And many will have to seek housing on their own. Together with the students closer to September in the major cities and returning seasonal workers that also plan to rent a house.

What now is rent apartments in different cities of the country, as not to bump into scams and what amount immediately to prepare, according to a story program “snidanok z “1+1”.

Rent a one-room apartment in Kiev can be mainly 6-8 thousand UAH per month. Advanced – utilities. In the Central part of the capital – up to UAH 10 thousand and above. You can find cheaper – and 2,5 thousand UAH, and UAH 3.5 thousand, 4 thousand UAH, but the housing remotely from the center and sometimes not in the best condition.

Prices will “bite” closer to the end of August and in early September, the rent could rise by 10%. And then when the students find their own accommodation, the cost will drop slightly.

For a one bedroom apartment asking 5 thousand UAH in remote areas. For a room in the apartment is 2-2,5 thousand UAH.

In Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa and Dnieper rental housing cheaper by 20-30%.

Experts have traditionally advised to beware of the scams. No need to give the agents a Deposit. Rental money should be transferred at the time of signing of the agreement with the owner of the property, then the realtor will receive a reward. You also need to avoid signing documents with a representative of the lessor. Ideally, the signature should be put by the owner, which will show your passport, the original documents on the ownership of housing. You should carefully compare the address of the apartment in the documents with the rent.

To call in rented accommodation, usually need to pay first and last months of residence and pay a Commission to the realtor. Usually, it is equal to half the monthly rental cost. But now, increasingly, it is paid by the landlord.

Recall that housing prices in the regional centers “catching up” capital.

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