ATO veterans first joined the rehearsal of the parade on Khreshchatyk

This evening on the capital’s main street once again closed to traffic for the rehearsal parade for Independence Day. Kiev reacted with understanding to temporary inconveniences, says the story TSN.19:30.

“Of course, willing to endure. Let them block the train,” said one of the drivers. “With the feeling that it is a holiday of the Ukrainian state”, – told a passerby about the emotions that came to see the action. “I have already tears in my eyes. You know, our guys have such a responsibility for us – may they be happy,” says another spectator of the rehearsal. People say that minor inconveniences are unimportant compared with the goal is to demonstrate to the world that the Ukrainian army is one of the best.

Videopovtora for the holiday: eleven countries will take part in the parade for Independence Day

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 21:05

To Khreschatyk on August 24 will attract the attention of many countries, because participation in the military parade will also be 11 countries, including USA, UK, Georgia and the like. This evening participate in rehearsals first took the veterans of the ATO, which until recently defended the territorial integrity of Ukraine. It is expected that their spectators will be welcomed especially warmly. Also tonight sounded solemn salute volleys – the organizers are asking Kiev not to be afraid, because that’s the program of the parade and will happen in the same day in front of a large audience and esteemed foreign guests. Among the latter, as already known, there will be nine defense Ministers of their countries, including the U.S. Pentagon Jim Mattis.

As previously reported, the Advisor to the President and assistant Secretary of defense Yury Biryukov said that the military parade for Independence Day will attend the parade units in the UK, Georgia, Canada, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and the United States, followed by groups Latvia, Romania and Estonia. Just on Khreshchatyk held 231 foreign soldier.

The TSN reporter Ivan Grebenyuk


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